Moenenstraat Nijmegen

Moenenstraat Nijmegen

Welcome to the Moenenstraat in Nijmegen. In this pleasant shopping street in the center of town you will find a wide variety of stores such as Bofkont!, Eyes and More, Noa Noa and Scheer & Foppen. The name Moenenstraat has its origins in the history of Nijmegen and the story of Marike van Nimwegen.
Below is a list of stores in Moenenstraat:
  • Bofkont, Nijmegen


    Men's Underwear, swimwear, home wear brands like Bjorn Borg.

    Moenenstraat 7, Nijmegen, tel. 024 - 3604525 | naar website >>
  • Gebr. Van Dooren's Perzen, Nijmegen

    Gebr. Van Dooren's Perzen

    The largest shop in Persian carpets in the Netherlands with 70 years experience.

    Moenenstraat 20, Nijmegen, tel. 024 - 3226570 | naar website >>
  • Eyes and More Nijmegen

    Eyes and More Nijmegen

    Extensive collection (sun) glasses, contact lenses and even watches.

    Moenenstraat 22, Nijmegen, tel. 024 - 3888160 | naar website >>
  • Glamour modeaccessoires, Nijmegen

    Glamour modeaccessoires

    Jeweller with an extensive collection of jewelry, watches and fashion accessories.

    Moenenstraat 13, Nijmegen, tel. 024 - 3295365 | naar website >>
  • Van Hilst Koffie en Thee, Nijmegen

    Van Hilst Koffie en Thee

    Tea and coffee products, espresso machines and related supplies.

    Moenenstraat 20, Nijmegen, tel. 024 - 3889369 | naar website >>
  • Noa Noa Nijmegen

    Noa Noa Nijmegen

    Contemporary women's fashions in natural fabrics such as wool, silk and cotton.

    Moenenstraat 18, Nijmegen, tel. 024 - 3600040 | naar website >>
  • Pepper Shoes, Nijmegen

    Pepper Shoes

    Shoe store with luxury footwear brands such as aerosol and Floris van Bommel.

    Moenenstraat 16, Nijmegen, tel. 024 - 3223112
  • Scheer & Foppen Nijmegen

    Scheer & Foppen Nijmegen

    Wide range of consumer electronics and white goods.

    Moenenstraat 2, Nijmegen, tel. 024 - 3603737 | naar website >>